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We pride ourselves on being different. Whitbys original Witchcraft and Pagan Shop Dedicated to the old ways, we aim to keep the knowledge of original witchcraft alive and strong.

        Run by Barry and Lisa, both life long practising Witches of the Old ways. Our family is so very proud to be running a commuinty  far and wide for those who are true and dedicated. We are always here to help and advise when needed no matter where you are.

       We offer such a wide range of services  & items such as Handfasting Ceremonys ,Naming Ceremonys, Safe Passage Ceremonys, Dreadlocks, Art Work & Commissions, Hand crafted Jewellery with a difference aswell as Whitby Jet. We are host to some amazing Goddess and Deity offering and honouring items

      we can ship Internationally.



                                            Barry, Lisa & Babies

Spiritual Connections

Thank you for all your continued support & custom. We hope you find what your looking for & we'll look forward to seeing you all instore soon.


Blessed Be the true

in all things natural

Lisa & Barry& Bablies

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Whitbys Original & Finest Witchcraft Shop

"Those who try to live in your image simply exist only in our shadow and as we stand tall, our shadows are always beneath us."

by Lisa & Barry


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